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As we discussed elsewhere on this site the number one concern you should always have when choosing a Toronto custom home building professional is the quality of the work and standards they hold themselves to. The Menna brothers have worked their whole careers to assure you that the homes we build are of only the highest quality and will always meet even the most discerning customer’s standards.

The Menna brothers have a combined 55 years of experience working in the home building field both together and individually. Since they opened Menna homes in 1997, Danny and Jesse have worked together to put those years of experience into every Toronto custom home building project they accept.

However, past experience isn’t enough to keep us ahead of the competition on its own, so we also spend our time constantly researching and learning new building materials and cutting edge building techniques. This allows us to always build the best possible home in every possible aspect from cost to efficiency and from structural design to architectural design.

While working for other developers, Jesse and Danny noted that many of their bosses kept the client at arm’s length. This allowed them to separate themselves from the customer, which was a viewpoint that the brothers simply could not support. When you hire Menna Homes as your Toronto custom home building partner, you become part of the Menna family. Whether you’re hiring us to build a new home from scratch for your family or simply to perform a remodel on your existing home, you can rest assured that the job will be handled as well as we would handle our own family’s home.

“Our motto is that we build as if we were going to build it for ourselves – if it is not good enough for us and our families, it is not good enough for the client.” – Jesse Menna

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