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One of the major things that Danny and Jesse Menna wanted to change when founding Menna Homes was the design process that they experienced while working for others. During their years with other builders they saw countless customers bullied into design choices they didn’t want by pushy contractors and architects who simply did not want to take the time to work with the customer.

We have made it our priority to make sure that when you choose us for your Toronto custom home building needs, the number one concern is always the fact that it is YOUR HOME. You’re paying for it, you’re going to live in it and for those reasons the final product should contain all of the things that you’ve always dreamed of having in your home.

When you come to Menna Homes to begin the Toronto custom home building process, the very first thing we will ask you to do is to take a few days and come up with a wish-list of ideas that you would like to see within your dream home. This wish-list will act as the outline for all future meetings we have with the client and the architect in order to transform those wishes into the reality of your new home.

Unlike many contractors, we don’t believe that the design process should end when the first nail goes into the wood. We are will to continue to work with the customer as the construction progresses and make changes where possible to guarantee that you receive exactly the home you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re currently thinking of contracting someone to handle your Toronto custom home building needs, make your wish list and take it to some other builders and see how they react. Or, save yourself the time and rejection and bring your list straight to us so we can get started right away turning your dream into a reality.

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