Our Homes

If you’re like us, this page or the gallery is probably the first page you clicked on when you arrived at our site. We’re a Toronto custom home building company, so it’s only logical that the type of home we are capable of building would be your first concern. Thankfully that is a very simple question to answer. If you can dream it, and the architect can make it work, we can build it. We have performed countless renovations and new builds and would be honored to add your home to that list.

When you come to us as your Toronto custom home building contractor, the very first thing we will ask you to do is to compile a Wish-List of ideas that you would want included in your dream home. This list will be used as the primary outline that will be used by our builders and the architect as we work together with you to design the home of your dreams.

The Menna brothers have 55 years of combined home building experience and worked both separately and together for a wide variety of contractors, builders and developers before opening Menna Homes in 1997. This experience allows us to constantly adjust to our customers’ desires during the design and construction processes in order to be sure you’re happy with your home once it’s complete.

Unlike many Toronto custom home building specialists who disappear as soon as construction is done, we feel a deep obligation to our customer’s and the homes we build for them. This is why we work extra hard to maintain our yearly Tarion registration. Tarion is an insurance company which administrates the government run new home warranty program. As part of this program, builders are required to re-qualify on an annual basis in order to demonstrate that certainly levels of quality are met on every home that they build. In addition to the legal requirements put forth by Tarion, we frequently work with home owners to address any adjustments or concerns they may have even in the years after their new warranty expires.

If you are the sort of person who always demands the best, then you need to have the best builders on hand to meet those demands. Get your wish list together today and contact us to get the ball rolling on your new home.