Our History

Ever since they were young boys, Danny and Jesse Menna have had a deeply ingrained passion and talent for working with their hands. They soon realized that they wanted to build things for a living and have been doing just that ever since. With a combined 55 years of experience working both together and separately for various contractors, they have seen and learned every technique needed to build beautiful homes. Finally in 1997, the two brothers came together to found Menna Homes. They have worked ever since to build it into the premiere contracting firm for Toronto custom home building.

Ever since we opened our doors, we were lucky enough to be in high demand within the Toronto custom home building market and were able to quickly build a reputation for our high quality homes. As with all new businesses, we started by focusing on the local York region for the vast majority of our business and have been able to expand from there as the years go on. Since that time we have been taken by both new and returning customers to a wide variety different areas spanning from Toronto to Pickering, Oakville, Lake Simcoe, Wasaga and beyond. During the course of this geographic expansion we have also expanded into other parts of the business beyond our primary love of Toronto custom home building including renovations and spec-home building.

At Menna Homes, our primary concern is making the dreams and wishes you have for your new home come true. This is where many larger builders will always fall short, as they require certain concessions to be made by the customers in order to maintain their size. This is what the Menna brothers got sick of when working for the other companies and what motivated them to found their own firm. Being their own bosses has allowed them to remain small enough to be constantly flexible and meet the customer’s needs while growing large enough to handle any job you hire us to do. Give us a call today to see how we can get you into the future home of your dreams.